Gatorade goes for three with a goodbye to Dwyane Wade

04 10 2019

Last night marked basketball champion Dwyane Wade’s final home game. To celebrate the Olympian, MVP, and overall basketball legend, Gatorade debuted a surprise tribute during the game that’s centered around Wade’s career and the many moments that make up the man who will always be known as more than Dwyane Wade—to fans, he will always be 3.

There was no shortage of footage to choose from when it came to sourcing scenes from Wade’s illustrious NBA career. From community outreach and his efforts with The Wade’s World Foundation to memorable wins that made him a household name, Wade’s imprint on the NBA and beyond is impossible to ignore.

We focused on combining the fast-paced actions on the court with touching instances that highlight Wade as an athlete and inspiring individual, all while weaving in the deeper significance of the number 3—be it clips of the 3 pull-ups he does before every game, nods to the 3 championships he won, and so much more.

STALKR Producer, Donna Walker, had this to say about the special project:

“The footage we gathered is a collection of some of Wade’s most iconic moments—truly his career highlights and the athleticism that he’s known for. On top of that, one of the best parts of this project was that we were able to include some of the inspiring athletes who shared the court with him, both teammates and opponents. It was also incredible to see how many individuals were eager to play a role in the tribute; I approached NBA players, coaches, refs, staff, and commentators and they couldn’t have been happier to take part in honoring him.”

Whether it is those shots that defined his time on the court to the final goodbyes that cap a powerful career, each piece of footage is an ode to Dwyane Wade’s magical touch and the many facets that ensure he will always be the iconic man known as 3.