Finding Unconventional Pairs for Alaska Airlines and Virgin America

12 15 2016

Alaska Airlines’ acquisition of Virgin America has finally been approved, making this unlikely aviation combo the fifth largest airline in America.

“Like bacon on a donut, electricity and guitars, or Labradors and poodles, we’re an odd couple that works well together. We may seem like an unexpected pair—but our differences complement each other,” states the official “Different Works” website. AdWeek expanded on that concept in their write-up on the spot saying, “in any great story, or with any great meal, opposites tend to attract. Salty and sweet, comedy and romance, chocolate and bacon, itsy bitsy wiener dogs and massive lions. And now Alaska Airlines and Virgin America.”

The spot we made with Mekanism is comprised almost entirely of independent footage embracing eccentricity and duality, whether that’s a pig on a surfboard, a plate of chicken and waffles, or an acrobatic dance competition for the elderly. The perfect montage to celebrate the shotgun wedding of two wildly different brands.