Finding breathtaking footage for Jaguar

10 12 2017

‘Swarm’ for Jaguar employs stunning STALKR-sourced shots of nature that fit seamlessly with clean and cool car footage.

Spark 44 came to us with the challenge of finding nature footage that could inspire alongside their own shoot of the car, something that embodied the idea that “birds fly, fish swim, jaguars roar.” We searched for scenes full of beauty and danger that could give texture and context to their spot, without sticking out as obviously added material.

We began by looking for swarms of things, but found that it wasn’t quite as dynamic as we had hoped. This led to a search for only the most mind-blowing nature clips – from a shark breaking through a school of fish to birds flying at dusk. We searched common and uncommon archives for the shots that ultimately made the spot, from specialized nature libraries to nature cameramen’s personal archives.

The result is a spot that’s as edgy and effortlessly cool as the car itself. Watch above or here.