Doing Anything for Samsung

07 21 2017

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 gets the creative montage treatment in a new commercial directed by The Directors Bureau’s M Blash.

The spot showcases the tablet’s flexibility in shifting between any number of endeavors from sketching to screenwriting, to word processing, to video chatting, and so much more.

From the beginning, this was a dream project for us because the brief featured just the kind of art direction we love getting into: unique, captivating imagery to help create a high-energy, disruptive feel. The creatives and M Blash sought to use footage to infuse vibrancy into the narrative. We like working with metaphors to match complex imagery in a single moment like a texture composite of three pieces of footage – a photonic explosion, audio visualization animation, and a blending liquid macro – coming together to represent a burst of inspiration and innovation. Separately, the clips were beautiful, but combined, they create a brilliant composite that hits just the right note for the brief.

Moreover, every film we used had to embody the theme of ‘Do Anything.’ As our producer Donna Walker notes, “You can’t tell a consumer they can ‘do anything’ while using ordinary images. Everything had to feel ‘wow’ with this sudden ability to be inspired and create any way you want. The footage in this spot truly had to function rather than just support a voiceover or text graphics and it’s a blast for us when we’re given the chance to find content that has so much responsibility.”

A chief example of that wow factor is one moment in the spot that was created using a vintage still of two kids on stilts that was cut out and dragged over volcano imagery, shot by the client, to demonstrate the capabilities of the tablet. It was an exciting search for us to find something that works with proper forms in the foreground to facilitate the cutout process while being interesting and nostalgic in its own right.

Overall, the spot comes together in an exciting and innovating way to compliment the capabilities of the product it highlights. Watch above.