Crafting Transparent’s Evocative Opening Credits

12 09 2015

The first season of Transparent captivated audiences with the groundbreaking, heartfelt story of a transgendered parent (played by Jeffrey Tambor) coming out to her family. For the second season, the show’s creator, Jill Soloway, wanted to plant real moments from the Pfefferman family history into a new opening credit sequence.

Working closely with main titles creator and co-producer, Rhys Ernst, STALKR sourced rare archival footage of historical moments relevant to the Pfeffermans, including gender non-conformity in Berlin’s Weimar Republic, World War II immigrants coming to the States, and 1970s women’s movement in America.

These key images will link directly to the Pfefferman story throughout the second season. Connecting the family to history in this way could not have been accomplished without the use of archival footage, which paints both an authentic and essential context for the Pfeffermans.

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