Connected for Google European Year of Cultural Heritage

10 11 2018

No matter where you’ve been or where you’re from, your individuality is always a reflection of the place you call home. For those in Europe and beyond, that power is undeniable; each person united by the constant force and creation of culture.

To celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage, Google set out to create a spot that harnessed the power of culture. Intrinsically community-centric and an inner-working of our daily lives that exists within us and beyond us, the amalgam of cultures that exist in Europe are what make it the place it is today.

It is this exact thinking that Google set out to encapsulate.

We worked with BBH London and Google to craft a film that was a pure celebration of the many cultures that color all of Europe. The entire premise was set on the idea of inviting the audience into a space where they could learn, experience, and discover the many facets of European cultural heritage, simultaneously showcasing just how interconnected even the seemingly different cultures are.

Each shot weaves together a narrative that highlights the traditions and movements that have shaped—and continue to shape—the continent. We focused on finding footage that was fully authentic. From distinct holiday events to powerful structures of architectural greatness, every still and clip brings the viewer across countries and cultures, jumping to the next with the inherent bonds between us all.

To experience culture is to appreciate and celebrate the ties that bind us together, and it’s this exact ethos that the film brings to life.