Coca-Cola’s ode to optimism

12 03 2018

Coca-Cola is a beverage that knows how to bring individuals together. From one can, bottle, or glass to the next, each sip is a refreshing reminder that difference is a barrier ready to be broken.

This Coca-Cola ethos is exactly what is captured in their recent spot, “Optimism”.

The STALKR EU team brought together moments of hope, joy, and togetherness to combine both relevancy while infusing Coca-Cola’s continued push for positivity in a world where the negative oftentimes overshadows the good.

STALKR producer, Tom Henze, gave us a bit more insight into the process:

“We luckily had some time to try a number of possibilities, giving all sorts of meaning for the pre-existing voice over. By touching on current affairs, global issues, and ideas of a better tomorrow, we narrowed things down and ended up on a tonality that seems to have struck a chord with lots of viewers as well as the client. Coca-Cola being both daring and inclusive, but without having to be overly political. Check!”

From appreciating the light-hearted hilarity and profound wonder that each day has the power to bring to celebrating life changes that are filled with love, the spot speaks to a present reality that has enough good to bring us together—we just have to remember where to look.