Building up Minecraft, one block at a time

10 06 2016

If there’s a chance you don’t know about Minecraft, a powerful sandbox computer game that launched in 2011, we’ve got the spot that will get you up to speed.

Minecraft was created by Swedish programmer Markus Persson and is noted for its open source format. The game is all about building and getting more creative in a simple interface, and has engaged gamers across the world. That creative freedom has turned it into a phenomenon, spawning its own conventions, a slew of parodies, and education applications, indeed its own subculture.

With no specific end goals, Minecraft is exactly what you make it – and it has turned into something gigantic. To illustrate that exponential growth for Nintendo, we delved into the game’s community that has evolved from a few select players to a household name through MineCon, and pop culture references, parodies and homages on the likes of the Conan O’Brien show, The Simpsons and South Park. It has continued to build and grow around the world.

Minecraft is a game created for and developed by amateurs for the most part, so it was key to tell the story of the community that has embraced Minecraft and who Minecraft venerates in return; individuals crafting small communities, building their own replicas of familiar TV shows and movies, elementary school summer camps devoted to learning math and physics skills through crafting and coming together at MineCon to share what they have made, and even proposing marriage.

The spot pays tribute to the community that’s built 80 percent of the game from the 20 percent given to them, and may just inspire you to jump into the world of Minecraft yourself. Watch above.