Beats by Dre makes AdWeek’s “Ad of the Day”

12 13 2016

Beats by Dre’s new anthem spot has major athletic star power catalyzed by the bassline of “Seven Nation Army.” Named as AdWeek’s “Ad of the Day,” “Be Heard” features 23 top world athletes, beating their fists to their chests in perfect syncopation to the White Stripes’ iconic melody.

The spot, which is out of Anomaly’s new Los Angeles office, shows these athletes in footage showcasing their athletic prowess, alongside moments of them pounding their fists to invoke their own strength and momentum. Virtually no major sport was left uncovered, with athletes including LeBron James, Serena Williams, Kevin Durant, Cam Newton, Conor McGregor, and loads more that you’ll have to watch the spot to see.

AdWeek cited “Be Heard” as the brand’s “rocking new spot,” with Tom Brady elaborating in a statement: “It’s full of emotion. That beat. That rhythm. It gets everyone off their feet. It’s a great feeling when that song comes on.”

“‘The Seven Nation Army chant and the chest beat. Both are real. They exist. They are behaviors of the biggest athletes and the most passionate fans on the planet,” explained VP of marketing Jason White to Fast Company. “They are inseparable from sports biggest moments.” Set against those real moments sourced from athletic accomplishments hi and lo, the ad feels even more resonant.