Apple Music featuring James Corden Premieres at The Emmys

09 19 2016

Fresh off an Emmy win for his viral Carpool Karaoke segment, James Corden is as charming as ever in a new campaign for Apple Music.

Entitled “The all-new Apple Music,” the spot features The Late Late Show’s James Corden pitching his ideas to three executives for a new advertisement to announce the incredible features of Apple Music. The ideas grow from funny and small to grandiose and outrageous, as he  enthusiastically narrates the concepts while they come to life, much to the dismay of the unamused execs.

In one of the highlights of Corden’s concepts he imagines himself as various music icons: David Bowie, The Spice Girls (yes, all five of them) and Pharrell. Donned in the makeup, wigs, dresses, and that iconic hat, Corden takes on their legendary likenesses (all of which required artist clearance). It doesn’t get much better than Corden in that emblematic Ziggy Stardust makeup.

None of Corden’s ideas might make it as an advertising hit, but they are definitely entertaining to watch!