Aaron Eveland’s lively lava love story

02 14 2019

Aaron Eveland, one of the filmmakers recently added into the STALKR fold, truly knows how to shoot exciting content. Need an example? Look no further than the lava-filled love story he captured.

We can’t get enough of the entrancing scenes from “I Lava You” and the visually stunning love story that it tells. We asked Aaron to tell us a bit more about the film that breaks the mold—consider this our Valentine’s Day gift to you.

“I love nature. I love love. To get to shoot my friends’ love in nature is an amazing opportunity. My favorite shoots are a combination of location and the couple. The location is usually a very dramatic and awe inspiring setting on a cliff side, mountain top, coastline, or any commanding position that demands the viewer to get sucked into the location. When the setting is coupled with two people that truly love each other, this creates an irresistible story. The video for Lauren and Alex in the most intense and raw setting encapsulate what I love most in a shoot. As this couple celebrated their love being formed by way of the commitment of marriage, we got to see before our very eyes earth being formed. In Hawaiian culture, the Goddess Pele’s reveals herself in the destructive yet graceful flow of the lava. The couple offered a Haku out of respect and were so honored to celebrate their love in such a beautiful location.”