A spirited tale of Jeep’s legacy

12 14 2017

Tires rushing through the mud, a map paired with a relentless need for exploration, venturing out on roads that lead to the unexpected—these are the types of moments that have been fueled by Jeep for more than 75 years. Unafraid to get dirty and unequivocally American, Jeep’s legacy is one of action, beauty, and a spirit of adventure and freedom.

Bringing to life a brand that opens up the vast and varied world to all who ride along meant showcasing the countless moments made possible by Jeep. The spot takes viewers on a ride down the less traveled road, back to their hometowns, and to the moments of history that make up a brand that is so intertwined with the red, white, and blue. Featuring footage from documentary and editorial to User Generated Content—a story begins to emerge. A story not only about Jeep, but about all the dreamers and doers who rely on Jeep for those moments of freedom and adventure.

Utilizing footage that brought the legacy of Jeep to life—one that inspires and awakens a dedication to true adventure—we crafted a tale that was equal parts gritty and inspiring. Jeep’s spot is an ode to the spirit of a brand that has seen, made, and will continue to create captivating memories. For adventures past, present, and future.