72andSunny’s Inspiring Sean Combs Ciroc Vodka Anthem shows us “that spirit to make something out nothin”

09 13 2016

Sean Combs’s candid voiceover leads us from his Harlem childhood where he took inspiration from his mother’s work ethic to hustle four paper routes when he was twelve years old, to livin’ large in a mansion on the waterfront. Footage chronicling his early days creating his own music and developing other artists through his label and ultimate media empire, his clothing line and now his involvement with Ciroc vodka allows us to experience this journey as well. Now at the top of his game, Sean is looking to open doors to more up and coming artistic moguls who aren’t afraid of the struggles of falling down and getting back up until you make it. Ultimately, the spot is a revelation of Combs’ story, about his hard work and the hustle it takes to make something out of nothing and that once you cement yourself at the top, you pass the baton to the next generation of doers, dreamers, and makers.